Welcome to Juliana's Anglers Sporting Club!


We are a women's fly fishing and sporting club based in the New York City metropolitan area. Take a few minutes and check out our website, especially our Upcoming Events!! If you're interested, but not sure about membership;  come out on one of our day trips and check us out! We welcome curious women to join us for a one day-event without being a member ... but be warned ... we are hard to resist!!

What a season! We began with a Sold Out Spring School & Warm Up Weekend and continued to fill our schedule. We also rounded out our warm weather calendar with kayaking, birding, and sporting clays events. If you’re a woman who enjoys the outdoors, a new angler, a seasoned angler, or somewhere in-between, consider joining us as we are a non-competitive, supportive group of women who love to get together and share the outside world with each other!


Juliana's Anglers Sporting Club is a women's fly fishing and sporting club based in the New York City area. The Club was founded in 1995 and regularly engages in fly fishing, clay shooting and wing shooting; although we have branched out at times to archery, kayaking, birding and any other outdoor sport that strikes our fancy! We welcome women with all levels of fly fishing and shot-gunning experience. In the past 20+ years we’ve taught hundreds of women to fish, caught and released thousands of fish, shot our share of sporting clays and a few game birds, laughed, cried, hoisted a glass or two, sat around fires, hid from the rain and otherwise enjoyed ourselves. We are a true mix of women, from varied backgrounds and life experiences. Every woman interested in fly fishing and field sports is welcome.

Over the years we've had quite a few requests for a general gear checklist for fly fishing; so here you go! Please remember, no list is ever perfect, these are just essentials.  Take care to always wade safely, protect our natural resources and never fish alone! 


State appropriate fishing license
Rod/Reel/Fly Line (more than one is a good idea, you're in a car and can fit it!)
Spare leaders and Tippet

Waders with wading belt, Wading Boots, Vest or similar item to carry everything, marine safety whistle
Rain gear, Wading belt, Wading staff
Nippers, Hemostat, Net
Fly Box w/flies