Juliana’s rules of the road, stream, and shooting range

Who can come… Juliana’s Anglers outings are open to club members in good standing. To join the club, go to the membership form. Women who are interested in the club but not quite ready to make a commitment are encouraged to attend one day trip or event without being a member. You do not need to be a member of the club to attend the Fly Fishing School. We love Fido but please leave pets at home. Certain trips may be open to spouses, friends, significant others, children, etc.

Don’t wait… Our trips can be very popular and space is filled on a first come, first served basis. Only the receipt of your registration and payment confirms your place on a trip. For the safety and enjoyment of our members, the number of people who can attend a trip or event may be limited. If a trip fills, we will form a waiting list.

License and registration, please… For most fishing or hunting trips, you will need a license for the area (or state) where we are going. License requirements will be indicated in the trip details and it is your responsibility to have the appropriate license on the trip. You usually need to buy the license online in advance. We encourage you to buy an annual (versus daily) license because most license fees go back to the state to support conservation.

Nerd alert: Figure out your Level …Certain events require specific technical skills or equipment.  For example, since some rivers require a certain level of technical experience for safety and success, we have created categories for our anglers.  Please use these descriptions to determine your basic level; but don’t be deterred, there is always some wiggle room.

LEVEL 1:  You have little or no fishing experience.

LEVEL 2: You have fished a few times with a guide and/or friend who chose and tied flies and leaders onto your line, helped you wade and showed you where to fish.

LEVEL 3:  You have fished up to 10 times with a friend, but you have learned to tie on leaders and flies, located fish, and waded with little help. You can consistently cast 20 feet.

LEVEL 4: You have fished more than 10 times and can choose and tie on flies and leaders, locate fish, wade and cross streams unaided. You can consistently cast 40 feet, roll cast, and can hook, play and land fish on your own.

LEVEL 5:  You are an experienced angler who can wade all types of water, have mastered knots for all points on the fly line, and have accurate casting skill and knowledge of entomology.

Each trip will list the experience level we recommend for the trip and these classifications are meant to be used as an aid in determining which trips would be best for each angler. This is a matter of safety that we take very seriously and we want you to enjoy every trip.  If you have any questions or are not sure of your level, please call a trip leader to discuss specific skill requirements. We love to see our members progress through the experience levels.

Sometimes life intrudes…If you need to cancel a trip, you will receive a complete refund if you are able to find another member to take your place. If no replacement is found, you will be responsible for a $50 nonrefundable fee plus all costs incurred on your behalf, which include, but are not limited to, housing, meals, and/or guide.

Unforeseen circumstances make us sad…If the club is forced to cancel a trip for any reason, you will receive a complete refund of all monies you have paid.

Who’s in charge around here…The Juliana’s is entirely run by members which means volunteers. We have an elected board that is made up of four officers and up to five additional club members who plan trips, staff the school, make decisions, chair committees, and occasionally drink and eat too much. If you would like to help us plan a trip or event, please reach out to a board member. If you have special skills (writing, graphics, website, general good humor, sports ability etc) and would like to help out, please see a board member.