2020 Juliana’s Anglers Linda Hotchkiss Memorial Fly Fishing School and Warm-up Weekend for Women

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When is it?    Friday, April 17th through Sunday, April 19th, 2020  

Where’s it located?  The school will be held approximately 90 minutes north of NYC at the Ten Mile River Preserve (TMRP), a 3000 acre private club with 3 1/2 miles of private water along the Ten Mile River and a casting pond, located in Dover Plains, NY. The school will be largely be held on the grounds of TMRP with the exception of dinner Friday night at Old Drovers Inn (3 miles away) and Saturday, when our advanced anglers leave the TMRP and fish local waters with a NYS licensed guide.

What’s the schedule?  Although we “officially” begin our all inclusive program Friday night at dinner, the TMRP facilities are available to our anglers Friday afternoon. Many of our participants arrive at lunch time in order to bird watch, fish, shoot sporting clays (there is an additional charge and instruction/gun rentals are available), practice casting, or just sit and read a book. Dinner begins at 8 PM so everyone has time to finish the work day and drive to the restaurant. After dinner we retire to the main clubhouse at TMRP, a converted dairy barn with modern double rooms with private baths, dining facilities and a meeting area we use for the indoor portion of our school. All activities and meals will take place on the grounds of Ten Mile River Preserve, with the exception of the advanced anglers who will head out to test local waters. Saturday night we reunite and share a plated dinner at TMRP prepared by their professional chef. After dinner we’ll head outside and sit around the fire pit telling each other the usual anglers’ stories about our exploits and the ones that “got away.” Sunday morning the entire group meets early and fishes either the Ten Mile River or the casting pond, depending upon conditions. When the angling is done we return to the club house for breakfast. After breakfast we have an expert Spey, Czech Nymphing or similar specialized casting demonstration and then we conclude the program. Although the school is over, we have the run of the preserve and it’s facilities for the rest of the day. Our weekend will be relaxed and fun, and the dress code is casual. What meals are included?  We will provide dinner Friday night, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday, as well as snacks. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and water throughout the program. Friday night’s gourmet dinner will be at the Old Drovers Inn and Saturday night’s gourmet dinner will be at Ten Mile River Preserve. Please notify us of any dietary restrictions or allergies as soon as possible.

Is alcohol included? No and yes. On Friday night, alcoholic drinks will be available, but are not included in the cost for the weekend (you will pay for drinks separately). On Saturday night, beer, wine, and soda are provided with dinner. You are welcome to bring along anything you would like to have in the evening at the Preserve and around the fire pit.

Where will we be fishing? The school students will be fishing on either the Ten Mile River or the casting pond. TMRP has over 3½ miles of private water on the Ten Mile River, but conditions vary and we like to be flexible. More experienced anglers will leave the campus and fish whatever local waters are fishing best with a guide. We plan to fish on Saturday during the school and you are welcome to stay on Sunday and fish after the program concludes.

Is there a registration deadline? Not really. Registration for all of our events is on a first-come, first served basis, so registration will remain open until the rooms are filled and then a waiting list will be formed. Register here.

What is the cancellation policy? We hope you won’t need to cancel but we understand that things do come up. We will attempt to find someone to take your place but cannot guarantee you a full refund. Payment in full via credit card or check at the time of registration is required.

Do I need a fishing license? Yes, each angler will need a valid New York state fishing license. You can purchase a license, good for one year, online at dec.ny.gov/permits/6091.html. Advanced anglers may find themselves fishing in Connecticut, so those anglers need a Connecticut fresh water license as well.

Is there a minimum age requirement? You must be 18 years old (or older) to participate in Juliana’s Anglers Sporting Club events.

Do I need to be a member of the club to attend the school? No, you do not need to join Juliana’s Anglers to attend the school. That said, we love new members and what are you waiting for? If you register for the school, we will throw in a free JASC membership for the year.

What should I wear/bring? April showers bring may flowers…actually we hope it won’t rain but we fish rain or shine. Since the weather can be unpredictable, we recommend you wear layers that can be added to or taken off as needed. Bring a rain jacket, fleece, and at least one extra change of clothes in case you get wet. If your feet and legs tend to get cold, you might want to include long johns and extra socks for fishing. Hands get cold? Bring gloves. Add in boots or shoes that can handle some mud (some casting practice will take place in fields), sunglasses, and a brimmed hat (such as a baseball cap). We will sit around the fire pit Saturday night so you might want to include a heavier sweater or jacket for relaxing by the fire. Everything is casual dress. Don’t forget any medications you need to take, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.

What about fishing gear?  If you don’t have equipment, let us know, we should be able to arrange loaner equipment. If you already have equipment or plan on going shopping, you will need a 4wt or 5wt rod with the appropriate reel and fly line. We recommend 9 foot 3x-5x leaders and tippet. You will need chest waders, wading boots, wading belt, sunglasses (preferably polarized), and hat. Optional equipment includes a fly fishing vest, nippers, wading stick, and net.

What about flies?  You do not need to bring dozens of flies for the weekend but if you would like to bring some flies of your own we recommend the following:

  • Hare’s ear nymph – sizes 10-14

  • Prince nymph – sizes 10-14

  • Pheasant tail nymph – sizes 10-14

  • Blue Wing Olive (BWO) – sizes 12-16

  • Elk hair caddis – sizes 10-14

  • Green, gray, tan caddis (its early in the season so nymphs are recommended but might get opportunity to use a dry fly) sizes 12-16

  • Black or brown stoneflies – sizes 8-10

Flies can be purchased a local fishing shop (support your local shop!), Orvis, or online.

What else is there to do at Ten Mile? Many of our anglers choose to take Friday off and meet for lunch (not included) Friday afternoon. Post lunch activities include napping, walking, bird watching, fishing, casting, sporting clays (additional charge) and anything else you like. Ten Mile River Preserve is a 3,000 acre preserve with migratory birds and other animals in the area.

Who are the Juliana’s Anglers? Juliana’s Anglers was founded in 1995 by Nancy Zakon and a group of like minded female anglers. We welcome women at all levels of the sport, from beginners to experts, from ages 18 to well, we don’t talk about that… We are loosely based in NYC but our membership spans the US and Canada. We have singles, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, siblings, and more. We run local fishing and outdoor activity trips, hold social gatherings, and celebrate the outdoors. In 2016, we voted to expand the club charter to include field sports (such as sporting clays and archery) as part of the club activities due to growing interest.

Who was Linda Hotchkiss and why is her name on the School/Warmup Weekend? Linda was a former Club President, School Director, Angler, Fly Tier, Sailor, and all around good egg who died unexpectedly in July of 2017 while on a fly tying trip in Ireland. We re-named the Spring School in her honor because she is sorely missed. Linda’s booming laugh, good humor, skill and desire to share knowledge were a staple of our program for many years before her death.

What else do I need to know?

Transportation:  TMRP is located in Dutchess County NY and is about 90 miles north of NYC. There is plenty of parking available. You can also take a Metro-North train from Grand Central and we’ll pick you up. If you need a ride or would like to offer space in your car, please contact us.  Don’t worry we will get you there!

Valuables: Please leave valuables and expensive jewelry at home as we are not responsible for them and the fish don’t care about bling.

Communication: We will have cell phone reception and wifi, but remember it may be spotty.

Pet Policy:  Love ‘em! But please leave them home.

Safety:  Your safety is our concern, but your responsibility.  During the weekend, always fish with your designated “buddy.” This is a Juliana’s Anglers rule. Waivers:   You will be asked to sign a waiver upon arrival at the school.

Conservation:   Juliana’s Anglers is a conservation-minded organization.  Please take special care to prevent leaving your mark on the river.  Use only barbless hooks (don’t worry, we will show you how).  Tread lightly on paths and embankments.  Wade slowly and carefully, as you too are a precious resource.