Our Story

Juliana’s Anglers Sporting Club is a women’s fly fishing and field sporting club based in and around New York City. The purpose of our club is to encourage all women interested in fly fishing, fly tying, clay shooting and upland wing shooting to enjoy any or all of these activities by making them accessible through education, conservation, planned activities, and events in a safe, secure environment. 

The club was originally founded in 1995 in the heart of New York City by Nancy Zakon and other like minded female fly fishing enthusiasts in order to create an atmosphere where women could engage in fly fishing in a safe, comfortable space. Over the years our interests have broadened and we are comprised of a diverse group of women who share a common joy of the outdoors and outdoor sports. As such, the Juliana’s hold regular meetings for socializing and presentations on a wide variety of fly fishing and field sports topics. The Julianas' welcome women at all levels of experience; from the curious who have never held a fly rod, to avid anglers who spend as much time on the water as on land. We sponsor an annual two-day fly fishing school at the beginning of fishing season (usually late May or early June) designed to introduce beginners to the sport, and ready more experienced anglers for the new season. In 2016, the Juliana’s voted to include field sports such as Sporting Clays and Upland Field Hunting as part of club activities to reflect our members growing interest in these sports. 

The club also runs trips to local waters throughout the fishing season and organizes outdoor sports events, such as shotgun instruction, sporting clays, archery, bird watching, kayaking, and more.  We welcome suggestions for new events.

Membership is open to any woman, aged 18 or older, who is interested in fly fishing and/or other field sports. Some members take part in the array of activities offered while others prefer one over the other.  The membership fee is $45 per calendar year.

Benefits of membership:

  • The Juliana’s provides a rare forum for women interested in the outdoors and sports to find instruction, camaraderie, and opportunities to meet like-minded people.

  • We approach our outdoor events seriously to ensure that everyone safely enjoys the time they spend with us.

  • Our club meetings offer lectures on fly fishing and field sports topics by recognized leaders in the sport, as well as good conversation and camaraderie.

  • In addition, members can sign up for outings, such as fly fishing trips, or shooting days, which are lauded by professionals guides throughout the Northeast.

  • Our members are kept up to date and regularly receive news and announcements through the club's Google group.